Saturday, August 3, 2013


60% off + 20% off coupon = GREAT DEAL!!!

I got the deal of the year yesterday.  No, really.  It was awesome!!  Check it out!

Is this cart not to die for?  I have been coveting it for quite some time, but refused....absolutely pay $100 for it.  Since I have two cutting machines (Silhouette and Cricut), I was constantly swapping them around to use them.  Didn't really have an ideal layout for them.  My Cricut sat on a cart, which you can see in a previous post here.  My poor Silhouette sat on the bookcase next to my desk.  Whenever I wanted to use it, I had to find a spot and hook it up.  

But, now, I have both my cutters so easy to access.  Plus ALL the supplies for them are stored right there with them, and oh so neatly.  Look:

And the best part (well, one of the best parts) is that I still have lots of room for expansion.  And all I have to do to use either cutter is roll it next to my computer and plug in the USB cable.  One cable works for either machine. Awesome!  

Another great feature is that there is no back to the unit where the machines sit.  So there is no issue with the carrier mat being pulled back and forth through the cutter while in use.  I love that!

So when I saw that Michael's had these gems (plus other styles) for 60% off yesterday, PLUS I had a 20% coupon that was good on sale items, I scored this fantastic find for $25!!!  Yup....$25.  I am one happy crafter!!!

If you actually clicked the link above to see the old cart, you would have seen what my craft room looked like then.  As always with me, my craft space is an ever evolving work in progress.  It has been moved, switched and updated since then.  (Here's another chance to look back there.) Here are a couple of pics of what it looks like today:

Looking into the Room: Shelves and cubbies and storage, oh my!
Panning to the right: Expandable craft table and computer area, plus lots of storage
More storage and my awesome cart
Cutter cart plus paper storage
Closet, frame projects I'm working on, ribbon and filing cabinets
Back to the door
I love this table.  Folds down to one skinny table and opens to a huge one!
My favorite spot.  All my favorite crafty stuff within grabbing distance!
So glad I got to share (again) a little piece of my world.  Hope you enjoyed!!!

Til next time, keepin' it crafty!

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