Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Time

Spent some serious time in my craft room this weekend.  It was very inspiring.  After tidying up a bit (can't start a new project until all remnants of the last one are gone), I decided it was high time I got around to doing my Christmas cards. 

While I don't send out a ton of them, I do send enough that they needed to be fairly simple.  I came up with a design that was easy to replicate, but still enabled me to do each card uniquely.  No two are the same.  I used a variety of buttons for the embellishments.  Some were just plain red buttons, others were the crafty shanked variety.  I just whacked the shanks off the back.

For each button that didn't have any bling, I added a touch with Stickles.  A couple of the present buttons and the star buttons were very glittery, so they were good to go as is.  I used a punch to cut out the boughs, vellum for the sentiment on the front (sentiment from Stampin' Up!), and mixed papers from two different small paper packs.  The paper on the front coordinates with the paper on the inside for each card.  The sentiment I used inside was from a cd I purchased through Paper Wishes.  There were a ton of sentiments for every reason and occasion, so it was easy to find just what I wanted.  It was cool how the colors of the sentiment worked out so well with the papers I selected.

Thirty-six cards later.....

One of the great things about these cards was that there was literally no waste from the paper packs.  I cut the front down to fit on the front of the card, used one of the edges I cut off for the inside, and the remaining edge (with the exception of a very tiny piece) was the band on the front.  I loved how that worked out.  The Merry Christmas stamp was a $1 stamp that I had gotten at Michaels.  The inks used were from Stampin' Up!. 

I'm hoping I made enough.  But at least if I do have to make some more, they are easy enough to do.  Now, off to address those envelopes!

Hope you all have the Happiest of Holidays and the Merriest of Christmases.

Until next time, keepin' my fingers ink and my Cricut chirpin'!