Sunday, January 27, 2013


Come Check It Out!

As you regular readers know, I have been submitting lots of cards to lots of challenges lately.  I'm thinking this is my New Year's that I'll actually keep!  One of the blogs I really like playing along with is the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog.  They have lots of fun and creativeness going on over there.  They have something for every day of the week...LITERALLY!

They have Spotlight Sunday, Challenge Me Monday, Quick Tip Tuesday, Wednesday's Winners, Thursday's Tutorials, Fantabulous Friday and Scrappin' Saturday.  If you can't find something you enjoy in one of these sections, well, you're just not trying hard enough.  

So for their tag challenge (I blogged about it here), I submitted my entry and was very happy to learn I was top 5!  I even got a blinkie!  

Well, now, I am over-the-moon excited to find out that they are featuring me in their Spotlight Sunday! Wow, I'm so honored.  I'd like to thank the academy, my supportive family and friends, my favorite LSS (Altered Art Addicts), and God.  (I can hear you all thinking, "Just Wow".)  I joke, but I really am honored and happy.

So if you have a minute and can take hearing a little more about me (lol), head on over to FCCB and check out the Spotlight Sunday.  If you can't take any more about me (sniff), just go there anyway and check out all the other fabulous artists, challenges, tips and techniques.  You won't be disappointed!

Until next time, HAPPY CRAFTING!


Arin said...

congratulations and it was an honor featuring you! :-)

Kristie said...

Congratulations on your spotlight! I'm new to your blog. Love your cards!