Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Wobble Time!

Is it spring yet?  No?  Crap.

Living in the Midwest, one gets to deal with lots of, well, winter in the Winter months. Um, I'm done with that. Do you hear me, Mother Nature? D.O.N.E.! I am ready for a break from the cold and below zero temps. Just sayin.

On a cheerier's time for another Action Wobble card! Have I mentioned that I love these wobbles? I have? THAT many times? Yikes. Must be I really love them! lol. 

I decided I needed to make a cheer up kind of card this time. Needed to take a break from the Valentine's. So I went to my drawing board and pulled off one of my ideas and turned it into this card:

I used the bird from the 3 Birds on Parade cartridge and cut it at 3". The feathers are from a pack of feathers I had in my stash. And the background paper was created by me using Gelatos.

Now, because the feathers are curved, it doesn't wobble wildly. Just a gentle little shake. And I added a clear piece of acetate to be able to make it wobble. I wanted the tail feathers to be the only part wobbling, so I added a cardstock "bridge" over the Action Wobble so the bird body could be stationary in front.

I printed the sentiment using a label printer and cut the strip into pieces for a free-form style. For the inside of the card, I added a stamped sentiment which fit perfectly with the front.

Hope you enjoyed visiting me today. If you'd like to pick up some of these Action Wobbles for yourself, you can find them at The Scrapbooking Queen's site on Facebook. Want more inspiration? Visit the Action Wobbles Blog and join us for our Wobble Wednesday Challenges! Hope to see you there!

Til next time, keepin' it crafty!

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