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Sharpie Mug


Around my office, it's kind of a joke that I am the "Queen" (of everything).  Ok, so it's only a two-person office, but I still rule the roost.  Usually.  And since I am so spoiled (just ask anyone), I have all my "queenly" decorations around.

My parking space....

My window and door....

And my favorite mug....

....even though the fact that "different" should be "differently" (grammar check, people).  It's still my favorite mug.

But, when I came in to work on Monday, what did I find???

EGAD!!!!  A big ol' CHIP!!!!  Man!  I loved that mug!

It was a good thing I had been "Pinteresting" and found all the cute ideas on how to do a Sharpie I had bought a couple of inexpensive mugs to try.  I like a BIG cup of coffee, so I need a BIG mug!  This one I had purchased for only a few dollars at Target.   

B O R I N G ! ! ! ! !   But fear not, my crafty colleagues....Have Sharpie and my trusty Cricut and some vinyl will, stay put in my craft room!  

I jumped into the Cricut Craft Room and found the crown I wanted.  I sized it to the size and shape I desired and cut it out on vinyl.  Transfer tape took it from the cutting mat to the mug and a little marking and doodling later....VOILA'!!!  My new favorite mug!  (Note:  Bake for 30 minutes in 350 degree oven to set the ink, and hand wash to keep it looking good.)

And no grammatical errors!  Oh, the ideas are spilling out of me now!  Look out...MUGS FOR EVERYONE! lol  

I hope I inspired you to try something new!

Happy Crafting!


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