Friday, November 15, 2013


Ornament Hop!!!

Today I am playing along with The Robin's Nest and SmoothFoam in their ornament blog hop! Such fun!!  Here is the ornament I made, although I don't plan on hanging him from my tree...he is just going to stand around and keep me wintery company! lol

I call him my Corey-Bug Cowboy Snowman.  Why, you ask?  He is named after my son, Corey, who is affectionately called Corey-Bug. I have had this little cowboy hat since my son was in high school (several years ago) and had his senior pictures done. Look at this picture and you'll see the correlation!

See?  He's my little country boy from the north.  And when I decided to make my ornament, well, let's just say the hat fit! Literally! 

So here is how my lil Corey-Bug Snowman came to be. I started with the snowman smooth foam shape and hot-glued him to a wooden block (from one of the wooden stamps I unmounted...I knew they'd come in handy for something some day).  

I then pulled apart a couple of cotton balls and glued them to the base.

Next step were the face and buttons.  I used black Dew Drops for the buttons.  I found some teensy weensy black brads which worked great for the eyes and mouth.  I just put a tiny dab of glue on them and stuck them right into his head.  (He didn't feel a thing!)

And his nose?  Oh, so clever.  I glued two of the orange diamond shaped Dew Drops together.

A dab of glue on the end and a slight push, and we have a nose! Hot glue on the hat, glue in a couple of twigs from the yard, and add a ribbon for a scarf...and we have a Corey-Bug Snowman! Don't ya just love his crooked little smile?

 Here are a couple more pics using beautiful Robin's Nest papers as a background.  Very appropriate!

So now I hope you will head on over to The Robin's Nest and play along!  There are even prizes!!!!!

Til next time, keepin' it crafty!
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