Monday, October 17, 2016

My Studio Tour

Last week I was busy moving my "studio" from one room in my house to another, little bigger, room. This is the third move for this crafting space. What started out as supplies shoved into a mobile cart many years ago, is now in what I hope to be a more permanent space.

After my son and daughter-in-law moved next door, I claimed "dibs" on the space. I laid the floor (all by myself!) and, with hubby's help, installed counter tops and new power outlets. Just waiting for him to finish the electric hook-up. I moved all the furniture myself and got everything pretty much the way I want it. There are still a few straggling items in the old room I have to sort through and stow, but I'm so happy in my new space! I actually have space to spread out my vinyl projects now. And I have a lot of space to spread out making cards and other crafty projects.

I thought you might enjoy a little tour of my studio.

Well, that's my new little space! Would love to see your comments!

Til next time,
Keepin' it inky!

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