Saturday, July 2, 2011


The sun is shining and boy is it bright outside! As the winner of the Getting Cricky Design Challenge, I am thrilled to be the Guest Designer for the Sunday Spot. Their challenge to me was to do something summer themed. My challenge to me was to do it in my camper with limited supplies (not to mention no space, no patience, and very little time). So, is it wrong to make a card for YOURSELF? Well, that's exactly what I did!

I got to thinking about the stamp I knew I wanted to use. Then it all popped into my head. Life is Bright. It can be bright from sunshine or lightning. Good or bad, it's what you make it. You can choose to see it as frightful and difficult, or you can put on your rose tinted glasses and find the good in everything. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I am constantly reminding myself to trust God and believe there is a purpose for everything that goes on in life.

A perfect example, my mom was rushed to the hospital a week ago with a bowel obstruction and had to have emergency surgery. Lighting. As she was undergoing surgery and testing, they found she had a mild heart attack and think there may be a blockage in her artery. Both are something that can be fixed, but if she had not had the bowel obstruction, they may not have found the heart problem in time. Sunshine.

So as I am sitting at my little table in my fifth wheel, preparing my blog post from my ipad, I am feeling very blessed that I am fairly healthy (I'm ignoring my painful knees and ankle) and that my mom is being well cared for with good physicians and nursing staff. I am choosing to wear my rose tinted glasses and see the good things in life today.

So, this is what my craft space looks like this morning. Kind of like a craft tornado hit.

But, it was all worth the mess. Cuz here is what I came up with:

I found the terrific background paper in my camper craft stash. Amazing how it fit right in with my theme and layout. I used the Everyday Paperdolls cartridge for the girls and their accessories, and the sun. The letters are from George. For everything on this card (except the background and the actual bodies), I used plain white card stock and my Stampin' Up markers to color everything in. The rose tinted glasses are done with vellum paper that was colored with a rose colored marker. And the faces I just drew in myself since I don't have my Peachy Keen stamp faces (yet). And the fantastic stamp was from the Positive Thoughts set of K. Andrew Designs Art Stamps.

This card is going to sit on my craft shelf to remind me that Life Is Bright and I am choosing to wear my rose tinted glasses and find the positive things God has provided.  I'm also going to enter it in the Pen Challenge at

Until next time, keepin my fingers inky and my Cricut chirpin.
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