Monday, June 13, 2011

Creative Surge post-Vacation

I have been in a creative rut lately. My craft room has been in disarray which makes me not want to be in there!  I finally got it reorganized.  I received a new corner desk from a friend who passed away and finally got that incorporated into my space.  Of course, that required a huge rearranging of my room.  It's finally pretty much done and I can stand to be in there creating again.

We just got home from a week in Williamsburg.  We had a great time and saw a lot of historical places.  I wanted to do a couple of thank you cards for my in-laws who provided our rooms for my family and a cousin who played tour guide while we were there.  I spent the cool weather weekend in my lil craft space and was happy with the results.  Here are the two cards I made:

I used "blooms" for the stair step card and "simply sweet" for the free floating card.  (At least I THINK that's what they're  I like both cards, but the step one is one of my favorites in a loooooong time.  Would love to hear what you think!
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